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James G. Cole

A new study shows Americans could be switching their drink of choice as wine and classic beer sales decline

STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WAOW) — Americans could be switching their drink of choice, with wine and classic beer sales declining.

A new study shows wine consumption has dropped for the first time in 25 years.

Sunset Point Winery in Stevens Point said they’ve seen this trend.

“One thing we have found is that people that are doing tastings aren’t necessarily buying bottles of wine anymore,” said Kathy Johnson, the Manager at Sunset Point.

If customers do buy wine, it’s usually a single bottle compared to cases.

Johnson said their decline in sales could be due to higher gas prices which leads to lower tourism, or different store hours due to having less employees.

Something that hasn’t changed is their most popular kinds of wine.

“Our sweet wines sell better than dry wines, always, it’s almost 10 to 1 in the state of Wisconsin,” Johnson said.

There’s another popular beverage seeing a decline, with sales dropping for the fourth year.

“The Hazy IPA, beer flavored beer is waning a little bit,” said Chris Gethers, the Owner and Head Brewer at District 1 Brewing Company.

The drink that’s taking over is hard seltzers, with sales growing by 50%.

Gethers said their fruity seltzer is one of their best sellers. The reason is likely that people are looking for new experiences when it comes to their drinks.

“I think this mass trend away from beer, something that seems to be a little antiquated, it’s grandpa’s beer, it’s dad’s beer. They want something different,” Gethers said.

While the trend is swaying toward lighter and unique drinks, Johnson said their will always be wine lovers ready to pour a glass of red or white.

Gethers said their goal is to remind people why they love beer.

“We want to reintroduce them to classic beer styles and what beer is supposed to taste like.”

No matter your drink of choice, both say you can support local breweries and wineries by buying your favorite drink from them.

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